August 2, 1946

Yong Dung Po, Korea

2 August 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

  It is about 1/2 an hour before time for our evening meal, so I think I will take advantage of this time and start this letter to you. It has been very hot since 10:00 this morning. This afternoon has been very hot, and as a result, I’ve spent most of my time right here around my cot. Only now and then does a faint breeze slip through this old barracks building. As I’ve said before, since arriving here I’ve been so tired and weary and have been able to sleep like a log. Part of the afternoon I devoted to reading my Bible and a couple of little devotional books I have. Then for an hour and a half, I slept and very well at that considering the heat. I also dropped over to Blomquist’s barracks and visited with him for about half an hour.

  Following our roll call this morning, we played horseshoe for about an hour. After that, 12 of us played volleyball until after 10 o’clock, we were soaked and wet with perspiration so we all took a shower. After that, I came over here to my quarters and washed out some of my clothes and then read until time for our noon meal. There are about 80 officers waiting now along with 1,500 enlisted men. As far as we know the ship is not due now until the 7th of August as I told you before. I wished it would come in sooner, but that won’t be too bad if we don’t have to wait too long before pulling out of Jinsen for the good old USA.

  Today I just happened to think about the fact that you may not have had the privilege of meeting Jeanette if you and Mom were going to spend a week or two out at the Dunes. I told her to call you from Fort Sheridan, but from what I gather, Margie and Bob would be there during the week but over the weekend – no one would be there. When she left here she was interested in checking up on her chances of going to Northern, she was hoping you could take her out there and show her the campus.

  I do hope your rest up there proves very helpful and I’m hoping we will be able to spend some time there together. In your letters of yesterday, you mentioned the fact that you had just read the book, “The Brother.”  I never have read it, but from what you said, it must be pretty good.

  Well Beloved, it is almost time to eat so I must close for today. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Forever and only yours in Christ’s love,


  Colossians 3:3

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