August 15, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

15 August 1945

The Day of Japan’s Surrender

My Beloved Darling:

I had hoped to have mail from you but again none arrived. Mail has been coming in very slowly the last few days. Of course, the big news came in this morning shortly after 8 o’clock when we received word that Japan had finally decided to surrender. They still have to sign the papers, etc. But we have been ordered to cease-fire. However, we must be on the alert for there will probably be some fanatics who may try to pull some things which will result in injury or death. It just doesn’t seem true that Japan has surrendered. All day long I have turned it over in my mind and it is certainly wonderful to think perhaps now men can start making their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. I’m sure there is rejoicing all over the world but why men should celebrate by drenching themselves in intoxicating liquors I will never understand. Seeing the conditions of some of the men is indeed heartbreaking. Instead of prayer and thanksgiving they drink and act like a bunch of fools.

The news of Japan’s surrender.

This morning I took care of some letters of inquiry from those who have lost loved ones. Of course, a lot of men came in to see me about when they thought we might be able to go home. That is most unpredictable. Now that Japan has surrendered our future is most uncertain. At best I will not expect to get home until next spring sometime. If any sooner so much better. As things are now, we are most uncertain, but I’ll do my best to keep you informed from time to time. The sooner I can see you and be with you always the happier I’ll be. By the way, today I figured up an it has been 581 days since I’ve seen you, Dear. That is a lot of days to be apart. After we get together I hope there will be no days apart. I know this, if I ever go anywhere for a few days I will want you along unless it is absolutely impossible. What do you say, Sweetheart? This day has seemed like weeks long and it seemed much much longer than this evening I found there was no mail from my Darling Sweetheart.

Just before noon Alrik called me to inform me that he is now assigned as a chaplain for one of our hospitals here. It was good to hear his voice. I hope I’ll be able to see him again soon.

Darling, shortly after dinner I made up a box of clothes to send home to you. There are sheets, pillow cases, shorts, undershirts, handkerchiefs and towels. You will note they are all white. I’ve never used the sheets since I left Oahu and I didn’t want to soil them. I am sorry some of the things are so soiled but Dear it is so hard to wash white things when you only have cold water and a little soap. The shorts and towels I have now are O.D. Color and they don’t show little tail gray so badly. You ought to get it in a month or so.

This evening I had the midweek service and there were 53 in attendance. My scripture was Acts the third chapter and entitled my message, “Under Observation.” Those who are Christians or who profess to be are under observation and need to  be fortified and strengthened in the power of Jesus Christ. From what several said it was helpful to them.

We had a lot more rain this afternoon. We did have a beautiful evening though. They really have some beautiful cloud formations here. So many men never even notice them, but being located as we are, we can see the Pacific Ocean very clearly. And I wish you could see the reflection of the clouds in the water when it is calm. It is indeed a sight to behold.

Chaplain Holt has quite a few points, he is married and they have twin boys. He is a very good friend of our Division General and he helped him get home so he can get a discharge. He have been in the service for a little over four years and had not seen his wife for about 26 months.

Well Darling, it is rather late and I’m tired so I’m going to close for tonight. God bless you Dear in all things.

For always and ever yours in Christ’s love,


Colossians 3:3

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