August 10, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

10 August 1945

My Beloved Darling Sarah:

This evening just before suppertime I had the joy of receiving your letter of August 1st. I hardly expect a letter from you today after receiving so many from you yesterday. This noon I received two more letters of inquiry concerning men who were lost and then I had a lovely letter from the Hollensteiners. As soon as I answer their letter I will send it on to you so you will have an opportunity to read it. As you will see in the letter, they are anxious for us to come out there. We will depend upon the Lord’s leading; I’m willing to go anywhere with you as long as it is the Lord’s will.

After studying and working on my messages for this Sunday, I took the time to write a letter to Miss Pettus and to Wesley and Edith Norman. As soon as dinner was over, I went back down to the Chaplain’s tent and wrote a letter to Emma Laymon. I had to do it in a hurry because I didn’t have much time. I was interrupted for a while but then I started to study, but in that I didn’t feel too good, I came back up here to my tent and relaxed for about one hour. I returned it to the Chaplain’s tent and studied until time for supper, and as I said above, your grand letter arrived which I read immediately.

News from August 10, 1945.

After supper I returned to the Chaplain’s tent and visited with Don, Paul Wells and another soldier for quite a while. It started to rain, and in that the side of my tent was rolled up, I hurried up here to roll it down before my things got wet. As a result, I’m typing this letter on my lap, with a very dim light.

Now that is all written it doesn’t seem like much but I have been on the go all day and I am very tired tonight for some reason or other. You know there are so many things on my heart which I would like to talk to you about but so many of them you cannot write satisfactorily in a letter. And besides, it isn’t so nice to know that someone is always reading your letters. They may not know you from the man in the moon, but after all, there are things which you just don’t care to talk about in the presence of others, such as the deep deep feeling in your heart and soul for each other. So many things happen each day which I wish we could talk about like we used to, and pray about them together.

If you went out to the Dunes with Mom on the sixth, I suppose you are having a good time. And above all, I hope you have a restful time. I know it must be nice out there now; it would certainly be grand to be able to go out there and spend a week together trying to catch up on all the things we have experienced since we saw each other the last time. If the Chief shouldn’t happen to be out there Sunday night, I do hope you and Mom will be careful and be sure to lock the doors as well so some prowlers won’t be able to bother you.

I’ve been wondering what Nona’s husband is doing now that she is working at NSBC? Is he in Chicago and do they have a little apartment to live? You’ve never said but I imagine they live together in a small place. Has he decided what he is going to do about going to Northern? Paul knew Nona’s former husband who was killed driving an automobile. He was a very speedy and somewhat reckless driver, and was killed returning from a service he had held for some church near William Jewell. He was very much surprised to hear that she had been married. He doesn’t know her present husband. Dear, I’m so glad that you and I are each other’s forever no matter what happens.

You were wondering how I found out what the writing means on the Japanese flag. When we are out in active combat this way, we always have so many Japanese American soldiers assigned to our units, and whenever we capture any enemy soldiers they are always cross-examined by them and they seek to find out any pertinent information that will help us in defeating the enemy. And of course, they always check all papers and documents. The flag has the names of officers and men of the same outfit who wrecked Nanking. By the way, did you say the Chief took the saber down to his office to show it to some people?

Well Dear, in that I’m rather tired I think I will close for tonight. God bless you, Dear. Be sure to give the folks my love.

Just yours forever in the love of

Christ Jesus our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

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