April 22, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

22 April 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

We really had a miserable night last night with bombing, strafing and some enemy infiltration. We were up and down all night. As I’ve said before, it is always good to see daylight, no matter how tired you may be. We had some more of our men injured early this morning. By the way, I just now received two more of your letters, they were for April 6th and 12th. They were very good, Dear. And I read them twice already. I also got a letter from John and Helen Mueller and the bulletins from NSBC. 

On Okinawa.

I had services this morning and they were around 70 present. I spoke on Jonah the first chapter using as my theme the third verse, “And Jonah paid his fare to Tarshish.” Tarshish meaning nowhere. I developed it along with the theme that anywhere without God is nowhere.

I called around and several units before time to eat this noon. Darling, I did something for the first time this afternoon. I was so weary and tired I laid down right here and slept for almost 2 hours and a half. I felt some better but I’m still very tired. Just before supper I wrote a v-mail letter to Mrs. Riley and Elizabeth.

Well, I’m going to answer some more of your letters starting with yours of March 22nd. I’m still missing your letters of March 6th and March 15th, I think they were sent to the 98th Division so I’m hoping they’re not lost somewhere along the way.

Yes, I know Herman Meyer quite well, we often had some good discussions while I was attending Northern. I think that was fine of you to give $50 dollars from us to the World Emergency Fund. Our needs in Christian work are tremendous. I’m not so eager about helping some other things they plead for the public to help.

I was surprised to hear that Sophie Lemmert was in visiting Northern. I hope things work out alright for her and Fred. It’s good to know that Gen’s father is feeling better. I know Gen must be thankful for that.

I was certainly glad to hear that Maurice has been invited to preach at the First Baptist Church of Omaha. Personally, I hope they get a good church of their own; as it is at NSBC he is limited; it will be a loss to NSBC. But still, that isn’t a good enough reason to keep them.

I’m certainly sorry to know about Donna, from what you told me she must be a psychological case.

Darling, your Sunday school class of boys sounds good, and from all you tell me, I’m sure you are doing very well with them.

Your description of the Calvary night service was beautiful. Mr. Swerthout must have spent a lot of time on preparing such an intricate lighting affect.

I’m glad Mom is happy with APO 7. I hope she is correct. This is between you and me but one of my units is the number Mom considers so unlucky. And it happens to be the largest group.

I’m glad you were able to get a good comfortable pair of shoes for a change. Dear, please remember if you need things do not hesitate to get them. I don’t want you going without things you need. 

My Dear, it is so dark I can hardly see so I must close for tonight. God bless you and give my love to Mom and the Chief.

Just yours forever I am in the 

love of Lord Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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