April 11, 1945

Okinawa Shima 

Ryukyu Islands

11 April 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Happy birthday sweetheart-I only wish I could be there with you for your birthday. Perhaps, if God so wills, we will be able to be together for your birthday next year. There are so many things I would like to tell you, that is deep things in my heart but they cannot be expressed in words, it can only be felt and experienced as we used to do when we prayed together and talked of things near to our hearts.

Dear, words cannot possibly describe the joy which was mine when I found some mail had come through for me. There were three letters from you, they were for March 10th, 11th and 28th. That means I missing your letters of March 6th, 7th and 9th, as well as all those from the 12th through the 27th. Your letter of the 28th was sent to the Seventh Division, that is the reason it came through so rapidly. Words cannot in any way tell how much those letters meant; of course, I’m anxious to receive all those back letters. Besides your letters, I got letters from Dolores, Hollys, Paul Vogel, Ruth Reid (Easter card and note), Northern, bulletins from the First Church of Long Beach. And other official mail. By the way Darling, I got four back North Shore Baptists and Guides, and believe it or not, they seem to be progressing in reverse. They had been sent to Army Task Force, APO  915. Please advise them of my new address and ask them to please check back and see if the old plate has been removed. At the rate they have been going, I’ll start getting them sent to me at Long Beach, California. The latest one was for the week of March 11th. Such oversights there cause an additional burden to our post office men to check records. You would be amazed to know the many tons of mail  that has to be carried thousands of miles because some are neglectful in letting people know of their changes of address.

It has been very cool here all day, after so much rain and being muddy it makes it rather miserable. This morning, I washed out some clothes and did a little studying. I also visited some of the men. After eating dinner, I went to the hospital to see some of our men who were injured this morning. It was rather late when I got back here but I took what a few moments I had to read your letters before starting this letter home to you. When your letters arrived, I immediately read them through twice, and just now, and if it isn’t too dark I will read them again.

I will make a few comments and answer questions you had in your three letters.

1942 – Left to right Earl, James, Sarah and Willis Reed. (Dog – Bingo)

I am certainly sorry to hear about the condition she is in. I too hope the doctors will be able to help her (Donna). Of course I was glad to hear that my father had been operated upon and was apparently doing well. It was in your letter of the 10th where you told me that you received a telegram from Mamie saying he was operated upon the day before. I’m sure he will feel much better after the operation, for it must’ve been very painful to say the least.

Dear, I’m sorry you ran into so much trouble trying to get the material for the natives. I know it was a tough order for I did almost everything imaginable to get material for them from Hawaii. I manage to get over $200 worth for them, but I still couldn’t get all they wanted so I sent the last money to Captain Wilkinson to see what he could do, I had a promise of some for them so he can probably pick it up for them when he comes back to Hawaii. I suppose you sent it to APO 98. It will take longer to reach them but I can forward it. 

I’m certainly glad to know Mr. Paul is improving. I know Mrs. Paul must be very happy. Isn’t it grand to have such fine Christian friends? I’m so glad you are able to help them in this time of need. When you see them or talk to them be sure to give them my best wishes. This world would not be filled with turmoil as it is if there were more people like them.

I liked the picture of you enclosed very much, it is the one of you, Vogels, Mrs. Scheu and Ralph. I suppose you sent some others but they must be previous to your letter of March 10th. Remember Darling, keep all the pictures you can coming this way, the more pictures of you the better.

Well Dear, it is getting dark but I want to get a v-mail off to Paul and Gen before too dark. God bless you, Beloved. Thank you Dear for being such a good wife.

Yours forever I am in the love of our 

Lord Jesus Christ.


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed is a letter from Mrs. Riley, I think you will enjoy reading. The Rileys are certainly a fine Christian family.

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  • John T Reed
    April 11, 2019, 3:36 am

    That’s a great picture! I don’t remember ever seeing that one. Mom’s expression really captures her spirit. God bless her on her 104th birthday 🙂

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