Letter from (Rev. Dr.) Henry L McClellan

1003 Hancock St.

Sandusky, O.

Captain Willis A. Reed

184th Infantry, APO #7

My Dear Chaplain:-

Picture from the memorial service at the 7th Division Cemetery on Okinawa. 1945.

Your letter of condolence dated June 10, 1945 and postmarked July 10 has reached us at the same time as (air mail) letter of last week from Cape. J.W. Brokau. We sincerely appreciate the sympathetic thoughts, quotation given here; and as well the facts of informations which will remain a comfort to us – wife and self. Let me extend our thankfulness to the Chaplain of his faith who said the service, the committal for his burial. He was the only close survived of our family and we must have abiding faith and trust in our God – even when the “way” seems filled with mystery.

I am glad you spoke of “his grave is marked by a lovely white cross.”

Maybe God will bring us together someday before our sunsets, and meantime we thank you for thoughts and kindnesses.

Very truly and sincerely,

(Rev. Dr.) Henry L McClellan

P.S. Enclosed and headed by favor Capt. J.W. Brokau


Captain John W. Brokau, Commanding,

Co. J. 184th Infantry #7

Dear Captain Brokau:

We have been greatly moved and deeply sustained by the assurance from your letter that our son, “Donald,” won the admiration of all members by his courage and devotion to the service; a tribute no doubt to his trining and education – military and college.

You have very succinctly given us facts we shall treasure, in beautifully expressed letter. He was our only son and come thro to Ohio to see us early February last; very hopeful and valiant.

His employer Corporation of Troa was recently writing about his return to them – Bishop Shayer of Los Angeles, Rev. Heppel Hill of Salinas, Calif. have written most sustaining words to us.

Perhaps our paths may meet somewhere and sometime that I pray. Thank you for your personal expression.

Kindly and sincerely,

(Rev. Dr.) Henry. L McClellan

July 18, 1945

P.S. Do you mind passing an enclosed letter on to Captain Chaplain Willis A. Reed 184th Inf. Who has expressed thoughtful words.


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