September 23, 1945

Kyongsong, Korea 

23 September 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

What a long long day this has been, and mainly because again we failed to receive any mail. The men are really sick and tired of the way they are being treated now that they’ve dumped us off over here. The same rations every day, and actually, most of us haven’t eaten a good meal for about five or six days now. I wish some of those bright birds who prepared them had to eat them for about a month or two and they would see how tiresome it becomes. They sample the food back in some quartermaster kitchen back in the States and say very very good, but that’s the last of it; they immediately go home and eat a good meal and feel what a great job they have done. They have so much pork in the rations and fixed and mixed every imaginable way, and after about so long everybody is sick of that which they put out. Forgive me for complaining Dear, but it does get rather tiresome to read that they are saving all the best cuts of meat for the men overseas and then see all the rear echelon commandos eating it while we have our C rations. I cannot understand why we in the Infantry should always get such poor breaks when it comes to food.


This has really been a beautiful autumn day, but at its very best it was hardly half enjoyed because the best part of me is back in Chicago. I will be so happy when we can be together again and enjoy such things. I had my service at 9 this morning. There were 114 present which was exceptional when considering how many were on guard. I spoke on, “Unlimited Power.”  My scripture was taken from Ephesians 1:15-23. My theme being this, that the war taught us that many things we have taken for granted are limited, but that in Christ there is no limit. And to accomplish and attain that which we desire we must take Christ into our hearts. The most important part of a powerhouse is the control room, and the most important thing in our lives is the control room of our heart. If other than Christ is allowed to be in charge of the controls we can expect power shortages, short circuits and broken power lines, for the devil specializes in those things. I concluded by asking them to let the Master Controller in the Person of Christ enter their hearts. Give Satan his eviction orders. Our Regimental Colonel just over from the States was present in the service and told me after the service, “That the sermon was the best he had ever heard since being in the Army.”  Very gracious of him, and I’m glad he thought it all right. Sometimes I don’t have the opportunity to work out my messages as much as I would like, but I always try to do my best. I got up very early this morning and came down here to the Chaplain’s office and went over my sermon again and had a little quiet time. For some reason or other I didn’t sleep very well last night. After the service several different men came in to see me and we visited until dinner time. After eating a bit of what we had, I came back here and work on my message for this evening. This evening I spoke on, “Start Where You Are.”  My scripture was Mark 6:31-44. I used for the theme of the sermon; we cannot build anything or hope to accomplish anything on our doubts, so therefore, let us build on our beliefs. And then I reiterated some basic beliefs concerning Christ and God’s way of Salvation, and that’s where we are to begin. There were 34 in attendance this evening.

  By the way, we were paid today for the month of August. I drew $25 in yens and had the rest sent home to you by check. If I remember correctly, the check will amount to $100.50.

  This afternoon I visited with several men and then helped a couple of others with problems they had. You know, it seems like ages since we landed here and I think it is mainly because we are not getting mail. I do hope you are not having to wait for mail like this, this is bad enough here.

  Just before I started this letter to you, I wrote a letter to Katherine Riley. I’m going to send an envelope of letters to you tomorrow. From what you said in one of your letters, I imagine you will be working for Mr. Paul quite often. I’m glad you can help them, but please don’t overwork yourself. After all, to have our own family you will have to be strong. It is good you want to work a little to help us out and I appreciate it, just be careful though, won’t you Dear?

  Dear, the Pearl Harbor affair is a hot potato and some of the boys in Washington will have red faces if they investigate it thoroughly. I have always believed poor Kimmel and Short were made victims of some foul play in higher offices. A court martial would make some people very uncomfortable, therefore, they are willing to forget about it and not court martial Kimmel and Short. It is easy to see that Truman is playing politics and doing all he can to please all by straddling the fence on some things.

  Well, Beloved, it is rather late and having had a poor night’s sleep last night I think I will retire for now. God bless you in all things. I love you more than ever before, Dear.

 I love just you, my darling

 wife in Christ, forever and ever.


 Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    September 23, 2019, 3:21 am

    “I wish some of those bright birds who prepared them had to eat them for about a month or two and they would see how tiresome it becomes.” Oh snap, Willis! It took a lot to make him complain–those rations must’ve been really awful.

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